v2.1 Camera

The release of the new V2 Raspberry Pi Camera was well timed. The version 1 was just not good enough. Got the units on the 29'th of April 2016, not bad for South Africa since the release was something like the 25'th.

Some early testing:

The current test rig has 1xPi B+, 2x Pi2 and 1x Pi3. The v2 hosting Pi's got a firmware update and I followed the instruction here to update the rest of the bits.

Thought I might have had the NoIR mixed at one point so I added an IR light source to check.

No lens focus or other tweaks have been done. A quick makeshift camera rig was also needed.

On the left ( blue side ) Pi3 with Normal v2, middle the two v1 cameras on a separate Lego mount and the yellow box has a Pi2 with the NoIR v2 camera. Each unit is set-up to take two images ... with the possibility of having different configuration arguments for each.

Nothing scientific, just messing around a bit.