Notes for tracking an Aquaristik Shop parcels to SA

The source

I really like shopping with these guys ... pricing on goods are better in most cases than in SA and they have stock I can not get here (Like the JBL range- 2013 ) ..

Watch out for shipping / customs / vat - for true cost.

To a track a parcel send via Deutch Post (now named DHL) to South Africa is now easy.

Once you have the tracking number for your order you can see the status on this should show you a page that also lists the UPU code.

April 2013

The above DHL link is still valid .. but it seems that with the revamp of the SAPO website we also get better integration - one of the nice things - we no longer need to get a translation on the UPU code - it is now tracked and searchable within DHL and SAPO .

SAPO still needs the UPU code .. typically starting with a CL and ending with a DE for DHL from Germany parcels on

Weird - it almost seems like the DHL site has more updated information.

Well lets see if / when the package gets to me.

Pre April 2013

Looking for your parcel on any other DHL express site is irrelevant since the Deutch Post route means that the local postal service provider is responsible for final delivery and collection of duty and tax fees. In SA that makes SAPO the lucky winner. But the UPU number has no real meaning to a clerk at a local post office. Below is the actions as they presently work (Feb 2011) for getting your parcel.

Check your DHL tracking site regularly:

The last three entries in the log is actually nothing to do with DHL but rather SAPO.

  • "The shipment has arrived in the destination country" correlated to SARS having a look at what they want to charge you for the goodies and SAPO sending it to your local post office.
  • "The shipment could not be delivered" is actually a nice way of saying that the parcel is now at you local post office and that it is up to them to notify you of the arrival and cost to collect.
  • "The shipment has been successfully delivered" was me collecting it after finding my notification in the mail the previous day.

This shows that 10 days of waiting was actually for SAPO and local delivery vs the 11 days it took to get a ride from Germany.

The theory is that once the package has cleared SARS - you should be able to phone SAPO - use the UPU code to get the parcel number and collect is as soon as it get to you local post office.