After hitting a MTS depro - not being able to transport a 2 meter tank. I decided to do LFS trolling - got some rummy noses and then spotted this tank on special. Truth be told I wanted this tanks since I first clapped eyes on it 18 months ago. I did the deed - got home, placed the cabinet in the passage, needed to use the wheelbarrow to move the tank ;-) ... Later that evening it was time to place the setup in the dining room. Washed it, added some substrate, heaters ... played with diffrent pump combinations. Removed the substrate - changed the pumps again. Went to bed since this was not going anywhere soon.

- 4 August -

This morning - I knew what I wanted to do with this 4ft ... here is the result of the days work.

I still need to figure the lighting out but that will happen soon. These are just temporarily being used...

6 August - Add some anubia to the driftwood pile

23 August - Added some more plants to the shelf ... bought 10 from an LFS and the rest from my hydroponics project (cuttings had great roots). Hope the air is moist enough. Room is typically at > 50% humidity.