Custom 3ft stand

I've expanded my tank collection - but did not do anything about placement for a while. Just been setting them down without caring to much for location or optimal space usage.

So now it is time to look at using that 920 mm I have between the wall and the community tank. The idea is to use 25 mm steel tubing, weld it up add some paint and deck on each level. I did this plan in Google's Sketchup just to get an idea of the overall workability of such a set up. I'll probably end-up changing the measurements a bit as well as the design when it comes to fabrication, but this does give me some feeling as how feasible this would be. Update: June 20 Got the steel from FleetSteel - great guys did the cutting to size for free. Did the welding and painting (used Renov a water based anti-rust one coat wonder paint.). I decided to do this with the spray gun worked like a charm. The install: June 21 Installation was a dog - I had a mere 2 mm gap - nothing like luck when it comes to DIY. Had to first install the two 3ft tanks then move the stand into the space. Job done - looks good. I still need to add some light fittings but I am happy with the result. Now I have more space for more tanks ;-)