A convict only tank

Background Information

I had convicts coming out of my ears .... So I had to make a plan.

I had some space under my 4 foot community tank but did not have much hight to work with. So I asked a LFS to build me a custom tank based on this design. The reason >>

FFW (see http://www.fishfantasyworld.co.za) did a great job on this tank, 6mm glass all-round means I can fill the tank to the brim and have no deflection in the front panel. << The solution Installing the new tank The new tank was collected a few days after being ordered - hauled home and installed under the community tank - perfect fit. I add some gravel substrate and rocks from the garden. For circulation I added a Boyu pump and used standard 25 mm poly pipe routed to the top shelf. On the shelf I made 3 custom filter trays under the 25 mm spray bar that runs the whole width of the tank. The custom filter boxes have some clothing batting and ceramic rings for filtration. These seem to work great with all the holes drilled in the base of the container. Good filtration and aeration is achieve by this set up.

Simple filter design, allows for filter to be cleaned and refreshed without causing to many issues with water parameters or disruption to the fish.

Loads of aeration - first by the water from the spray bar onto the filter media then the drizzle down in to the tank.

Installed and circulating ... just needs a bit of a cleanup ;-)