Bedtime story


Now I will probably dress all my tanks at night.

Out-side tanks put to bed.

After eskom got approval to increase electricity costs - I decided that this could mean the end of MTS. Drastic action was required. My big expense is keeping the heaters running. Now that we have bit of a cold spell I feared that it might get totally out of hand - cost that is.

Still need to ensure that all tanks are covered at night.

Did an experiment, I covered my tanks with bedding / rug what ever I could find that would work. WOW – what a difference in keeping the temperature in the tank constant. I spotted the temperature at 2.6 degrees Celsius out-side yet the tanks temperature stayed constant 18.7.

Update Saturday 04 June 2009

I exchanged the blankets for bubble wrap ...

I think flees blankets work the best.

And it seems like the day temperature is higher now, than with the blanket. Must be the limited sun that heats the water. (We had overcast weather today - hopping for some rain). Temperature with the blankets never exceeded 20.1 while the ambient temperature was higher than today but less than the tank temperature.

The temperature outside this afternoon never exceeded 13.8.

Update: June 6

Seems like the bubble wrap works well during the day, but it lacks the ability to insulate during the night. It now typically drops to 19.8 degrees Celsius at night - meaning that the heater is running all night. I will need to rethink the idea.

Covering the tanks in the house has worked well - it did mean that the room is now at a slightly lower temperature.