Splash Deck

Hi I am F I work in Johannesburg South Africa. Fish keeping is a relatively new hobby for me, it started in 2007.This site hosts some pictures and ramblings about my activities.

Feel free to browse the site - as with every hobby what worked for me, might not work for you ... so no guarantees.

What if e(im)mersed was a Common word

For me the concept of an e(im)mersed tank relates to the formation of new growth .. when it is too wet to be emersed and not wet enough to be immersed. What new growth might look like could vary greatly.

Progress is slow .. but it has only been 5 weeks and I keep adding plants from shops and other tanks, while still tweaking as we go.

Latest update - 8 weeks of progress ->

Happy Birthday 1 year old "36 degrees" - 20 December 2015

You can see it's evolution on TASA and APSA.

May 2018 ... it looks a bit different. A work in progress.

My Original 4ft is also looking good this year (May 2018).

Quick trim in June

Some good buce growth.

Gotta love bucephalandra

Especially when they flower